Category: Government Operations

Producing Actionable Analytics More Quickly

Project Description Soon after the passage of national health care reform, California became the first state to enact legislation to establish a qualified health benefit exchange known as Covered California. The agency collects huge volumes of data from its vendors, partners, and other state departments […]

Building Efficiency in a Public Sector Investment Program

Project Description Managing large-scale government pension funds with millions of beneficiaries relies on the organization maintaining a strategic investment strategy of its assets as well as the costs incurred in realizing the returns of those investments. Returns are often realized from various private and public […]

Granting Greater Access to Public Funds

Project Description The City of San Antonio (CoSA), TX applies directly to the federal government for grants to further City goals and programs. Plus, the City facilitates, through its Dept. of Human Services (DHS), the disbursement of grants from state, federal, and third-party entities to […]

Providing Up-to-the-Minute Data with a Reengineered System

Project Description The original CalPERS Backbridge solution worked reasonably well, but it had three main imperfections: legacy programs did not have access to up-to-the-minute data; record deletions were not applied correctly to the VSAM file; and supporting this infrastructure incurred significant costs due to data […]