Project Description

Soon after the passage of national health care reform, California became the first state to enact legislation to establish a qualified health benefit exchange known as Covered California.

The agency collects huge volumes of data from its vendors, partners, and other state departments on varying frequencies. These data sets are manually processed, cleansed and then queried by different teams internally.

But as the Covered California grew, so did the amount of data it collected resulting in a system becoming data rich, but information poor.

The agency needed modern BI tools that allowed for information rich environments where analysis is proactive and the needs of stakeholders and constituents could be anticipated.

Covered California’s long-term goal was to build an agile self-servicing BI platform with enterprise capabilities to reduce the amount of time it takes to go from raw data to actionable analytics.

Further, the firm would need to gather requirements for advanced analytics uses cases from different program areas, automate data transfer processes, design security roles and scale the existing environment for wider deployment to about 400 users across Covered California’s locations.

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