Data Quality

The old adage of “Garbage in, garbage out” cannot ring any truer than in the realm of data analytics. The risk of bad data in a transactional setting is that a transaction may fail. The risk of bad data in an analytics setting is the bad strategies can be implemented at an enterprise level. That is why establishing a Data Quality program is so important.

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Data quality programs can differ depending on the organization’s size and strategic needs (Compliance, Data Integration, Master Data Management, etc.). Regardless of the industry focus of data quality, every program will have essentially the same three goals:

  • to make, collect and align data rules (data definitions, data standards, etc.),
  • to resolve data issues, and
  • to monitor/enforce data compliance while providing ongoing support to Data Stakeholders.

There can be many benefits to our customers that leverage our Data Quality service including:

  • creation of a governing body or council;
  • defining a set of data quality review procedures; and
  • executing a plan to implement those data quality procedures.

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