G2G Interfaces & Integration

Implementing Government-to-Government (G2G) interfaces are key to breaking down silos between Departments. G2G enables Government business partners to more easily work together, create a comprehensive view of related lines of business, and better serve constituents. These integrations can be near-real-time to support immediate decision making or work in batches to move large data sets regularly.

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There can be many benefits to our customers that leverage our G2G Interfaces Integration service including:

  • extending the usefulness and life of legacy systems by making data available to business partners;
  • reducing spending by leveraging IT investments at sister departments instead of building a second set of data or infrastructure;
  • increase processing time by providing data in near-real-time instead of through paper-based or key data entry-based processes; and;
  • reduce fraud by enabling department to examine a more complete picture of an applicant or service provider.

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TrinityTG can help you share data and business rules through the secure and robust development of G2G Interfaces & Integration. Whether batch or near-real-time, cloud-to-cloud, on-premise, mainframe-to-web, we can help open up a whole new world of reliable cooperation between Departments and Agencies.

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