Data Security

In practice, data security does not exist in a vacuum. Data security will instead extend your existing enterprise security practices. Working with your Security Officer and Data Teams, TrinityTG will help you examine and improve the following functional areas:

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Event Notification

Security event notifications often involve sending messages to a service broker or remote server. This usually involves exchanging certificates. In the event that the analytics environment exists in a different domain itself or accesses data in a different domain, then additional work will need to go into opening ports and sharing certificates.

Error / Exception Handling

The enterprise approach for error/exception handling will be applied to any Extract, Transform, Load processes for validating data and deciding what to do with errors that fall out of the process.


Auditing helps maintain regulatory compliance, identify potential security violations, identify potential anomalies, and understand database activity. Auditing is critical in an analytics environment to help ensure only the appropriate data is accessed by the users.


In a BI environment, logging will typically be minimal when compared to transactional systems or even turned off completely. This will improve the processing of the data. Therefore, exceptions to established database logging will need to be developed.

Access Management

Granting users access to data is traditionally done by granting access to some sort of transaction system that generates and manages the data. As data is shared outside of the transactional system, or even queried directly, additional access will need to be managed.

Identity Management

There may be an unusually high number of system/service accounts needed to move data around within a BI environment. The design of identity management policies for accounts that are not tied to a single person will need to encourage security while minimizing disruption in the ability for users to perform analysis.

There can be many benefits to our customers that leverage our Data Security service including helping you answer the following key questions:

  • Where is your sensitive data stored?
  • Who has access to your sensitive data?
  • Are you holding onto data for longer than you should?

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