Investigative Case Management

When opening a case and conducting an investigation in government, often for potentially fraudulent activity in a public program, there is a great deal of information that must be collected, organized, and processed. Cases must be intact and quickly triaged in order to support field investigation. Investigators need to track all activities from intake to closure. A robust case management approach improves a Department’s capability to track tasks performed during the investigation as well as provide a centralized database that enables comprehensive analysis on the data being entered.

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There can be many benefits to our customers that leverage our Investigative Case Management service including:

Streamlined business process – standardized business process across all the regions and field offices throughout the State.

Ease of use – well designed user interface allows users with varying levels of computer proficiency consistently use the system. Business rules are enforced which ensures data integrity.

Centralized document repository – all documents and letters related to the investigation process are stored by the system allowing easy and centralized access to these documents.

Accurate data and reports – calculations are automated and status changes are tracked via history tables to maintain data integrity, making reports more accurate.

Strict Security Restrictions – security roles are enforced allowing the data to be accurate and cannot be tampered with.

Auditing data changes – inbuilt auditing capabilities help determine the reason for the change and who made the change.

Maps Integration – maps integration allows users to identify and locate the Profiles and addresses for search/arrest warrants.

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