Claims Reimbursement

Claims management for HHS requires accuracy, scalability, and flexibility all rolled into one. TrinityTG’s experience in automating claims management includes having built some of the largest HHS provider claims processing solutions in the State of California.

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Our solution, the Claims Reimbursement Framework, enables agencies both large and small to deliver a customer-centric, highly scalable tool that will meet the needs of both cash aid and health care claims business processing rules.

Featuring a customer portal for claim submission, and a easy-to-use program rules management system, the CRF enables agencies and departments to manage multiple programs in a single application. Built upon Microsoft’s Power Platform, the CRF is a lightweight application with a heavyweight platform designed to scale up or down with your workload.

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Whether you need to augment your existing teams, or have us bring in a complete team of our own, TrinityTG can help you with your Enterprise Web Application Development. With process-model based analysis, test-driven development, CI/CD, and an Agile-based approach to project delivery, we can help you realize your custom application.

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