Agile Delivery Office

TrinityTG has proven Agile project delivery methodology that follows an agile and iterative approach for incremental delivery of value to the organization. The project vision is initially established with high-level deliverables epics and features sets and a resulting project roadmap and release plan is developed.

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Each core delivery component iterated through the phases of the lifecycle is focused on a refined and more timely set of user story requirements to mitigate impact of change. Each delivery component is deployed to production after completion and user acceptance testing following pre-determined acceptance criteria for a definition of done.

Within the delivery methodology, TrinityTG includes mentoring clients in our hybrid Agile approach to the software development life cycle for .NET, Java, RPA and Power Platform based technologies.

JIRA and Confluence, an Atlassian suite of project management tools, is a preferred TrinityTG tool to keep real-time tabs on the project progress, report any impediments and invoke team collaboration in one tool at a very granular level.

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Whether you need to augment your existing teams, or have us bring in a complete team of our own, TrinityTG can help you with your Enterprise Web Application Development. With process-model based analysis, test-driven development, CI/CD, and an Agile-based approach to project delivery, we can help you realize your custom application.

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