Health Data Exchange

As Patients’ Medical Records began to transition from paper forms and files to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in the Providers’ offices, new applications were created to manage these records. The need for EMRs to be stored and tracked in larger organizations across multiple Providers arose quickly. This created Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRS) that allowed organizations to share information from all Providers involved in a Patient’s care. It also enabled the sharing of this data internally and externally to the organization.

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As a result, EHRS’s have become necessary – but not necessarily sufficient – in supporting hospitals and other large scale medical providers. Much of the initial promise around EHRS investments in acquisition, configuration and training has been achieved. However, hospitals and medical providers still have mission critical data and applications that do not fit into the multi-faceted EHRS. Further, moving data between one providers’ EHRS to another, even from the same software company, has been difficult.

The difficulties include duplicate key data entry to get information from one system to another, missing or incomplete data, lost billing information, and inconsistencies in timing, definitions, and interpretation of data across medical applications.

Many of the issues experienced by the digitalization of the Health Industry today have already occurred in other sectors, and to the outside observer, they are nothing new. There are many lessons learned from these other industries that can be applied as the Health Industry moves forward.

How We Solve the Problem

TrinityTG has over two decades of project experience in system interoperability. Much of this has been acquired through the architecting, construction, configuration, and maintenance and operation of middleware. Middleware solutions enable the re-use of functionality and sharing of data across diverse specialized systems.

Some of our successful integrations include:

  • Tracking and storing all financial data from the investment advisors used by CalPERS to manage over $100 billion in investments, including all pricing information used to provide pricing and valuation of investment portfolios.
  • TrinityTG also has successfully integrated enrollment notifications on daily transactions and monthly compilations for over ten million Medi-Cal beneficiaries in over 175 health care plans with payment remittance advice for $4 billion in monthly capitation payments involving over 100 million payment calculations each month, and
  • Finally, we have successfully transformed and transmitted medical information, patient demographics, and health and custody schedules for almost 150,000 inmates in California’s state correctional system.

TrinityTG brings expertise in the approaches and technologies that will enable EHRS to seamlessly interact with the specialized software that medical providers must retain for everything from pathology, pharmacy, billing, and sharing across EHRS.

TrinityTG has found that a wide range of specialized consulting and technical services are required to design, build and perform interoperability across diverse computing systems in and outside the health industry.

With that, there is often a lack of understanding of interoperability concepts for clients to write bid specifications for a vendor to deliver a workable solution. The health interoperability initiative emphasizes knowledge transfer and guidance to the client’s business and technical teams, and TrinityTG is poised to do just that. Each phase of our Interoperability Road Map delivers tangible results to demonstrate that this is more than a white paper exercise. With our delivery of functionality in short time-frames and guided by an overall road map, our clients have trackable deliverables that demonstrate how the project is delivering value. The Interoperability Road Map also provides certainty that each phase is a building block to a well-defined vision.

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Whether you need to augment your existing teams, or have us bring in a complete team of our own, TrinityTG can help you with your Enterprise Web Application Development. With process-model based analysis, test-driven development, CI/CD, and an Agile-based approach to project delivery, we can help you realize your custom application.

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