Licensing Permitting

Public sector agencies that are responsible for licensing and permitting of businesses and individuals often face challenges with managing the workload, collecting the data in a consistent manner, and reporting on key metrics. With LicenseVue, a quick start framework for Microsoft Dynamics 365, regulators get a single version of the truth, where the entire licensing/permitting and compliance lifecycle is fully automated, while improving constituent access to key services through a web and mobile enabled self-service portal.

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A Solution to Manage Licensing and Compliance

LicenseVue is a modern solution framework that delivers a self-service portal along with a step-by-step process for licensees to apply for, maintain, and obtain a license or permit, and to pay fees online 24/7. LicenseVue provides government staff with automation and workflow to review applications and monitor exceptions, complaints, and other non-compliance issues, and provides a robust reporting database to view and manage all your licensing, compliance, and enforcement actions.

Key Features

LicenseVue uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to create a secure, cloud-based. By utilizing an Microsoft Power App Portal, LicenseVue provides a configurable, extendable, and maintainable platform that can grow to accommodate new business functions and regulations over time.

LicenseVue helps manage workflows by providing a comprehensive view of a licensee’s status and compliance management information, including renewals, reporting, and enforcement.

Some key benefits of implementing LicenseVue include:

  • one version of the truth with a consolidated view of all regulated entities;
  • end-to-end licensing and compliance management;
  • enhanced reporting capabilities;
  • a sustainable and flexible technology stack that maximizes your investment; and
  • due to the solution’s scalability, additional applications can be built using the same platform.

Customer Benefits

Online Licensing Review and Approval Workflows Help Users Organize and Complete Tasks

Dashboards provide an overview of staff workload, allow users to see and assign tasks, and give supervisors insight into where tasks are delegated and how they are being managed. They also inform users of where businesses are in the application process.

Consolidated Index of Businesses and Individuals Enable Users to Manage and Consolidate Critical Data.

The directory populates in reflection of security roles. Users can track time and expenses utilized while completing a task. Organizations serve as the parent entity that all units reference.

Intake and Enforcement Case Management Allows Users to Prioritize and Manage Workflow

Workflows can be organized by role, allowing managers to see who owns which applications and where the applications are. Users can pick up complaints, and/or managers can assign them to their staff. Overdue complaints are populated in a separate window.

Bulk Data Import Provides Application Status, History, and Account Owner

Applications enter the system via Excel spreadsheets and are mapped to an incoming application staging pool.

Public Submission / Filing Improves Processing Time and Submission Data Accuracy

Complaints can be submitted in many ways. Supporting documents can be uploaded to validate a complaint.

Public Document Search provides External Users access to needed documents and improves public outreach

All notices and applications that are filed are accessible through the portal. Constituents can search for information through a public document search function, and apply for licenses and pay fees online. Accompanying documents are visible in the portal when marked by users as public.

Self-Service Portal

The self-service portal for external users also provides access to License/Permit Applications, Annual Reports Filings, and Payment Processing.

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