Data Readiness

Data Readiness work often occurs before a large File/Data Conversion or Data Warehouse project. Data Readiness recognizes that there is a long lead time required to prepare existing data sources for use in a new transactional system or data warehouse. Lead time is needed to identify gaps, anomalies, and any lack of consistency in data.

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Data Readiness is an ideal project for our clients to lead and undertake prior to an implementation vendor coming on board. We can help your staff begin work on analyzing existing data as a separate project while procurement processes for a new system or warehouse are still underway.

The effort to analyze existing data and fix inconsistencies has many advantages:

  • Staff have an area of knowledge superior to the vendor for a sense of substantive contribution.
  • Insights into the data will prove valuable in verifying that the design of the new solution will sustain data quality and avoid any past mistakes in how data were processed.
  • Staff will bond through the teamwork in doing data readiness.
  • The new solution data model will benefit greatly from the insights client staff bring from the data cleanup effort.
  • The new solution will be enhanced by having quality data to process.
  • The new solution will not be delayed waiting for data to be converted.

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