Technical Debt Assessment

At some point in the past, you had a project where speed was the biggest driving factor. This could have been to meet a legislative deadline or expend funding before it was lost. You did not have time to leverage modern tools, build automated tests, or make your web forms data driven. You weren’t lazy; you made an intentional decision to prioritize speed over maintainability. That is your technical debt.

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Now, the customer is asking for a “simple change.” In a perfect world, it should take two months. You have to go back and tell them it will take three. That extra one month is the interest you are paying on your technical debt.

There can be many benefits to our customers that leverage our Technical Debt Assessment service including:

  • documented and categorized technical debt that can be used to drive internal discussions and strategy;
  • recommended approached on how and when to start paying off technical debt; and
  • identifying ways to avoid increasing technical debt on current or planned projects.

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If you aren’t sure whether your applications are worth refactoring or should be outright replaced, our Technical Debt Assessment will give you the assessment and justification you need to increase responsiveness and time to delivery for your customers.

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