White Label Product Development

Do you have an automation idea that you believe can revolutionize the way Government does business, but you don’t know the first thing about software development? We can help. Adding us to your team add an instant IT department to your start-up that can help with strategic planning and own the product development process.

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There can be many benefits to our customers that leverage our White Label Product Development service including:

  • extensive knowledge of government procurement to help you align your sales process with the purchasing process;
  • understanding the pitfalls of creating highly custom applications versus true multi-tenant applications; and
  • providing a working prototype to help in your sales and equity investment meetings;
  • fully onshore development teams, regional cloud hosting, and ability to meet NIST and SOC-2 compliance for highly secure Government requirements;

Move Your Idea Forward

We can help you move from concept, to prototype, to initial release of your product idea. We use the latest in cloud services to set you up to scale as your business grows. We implement industry best practices so that you can easily transition product development in-house down the road.

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