Project Description

The Department of State Hospitals has the responsibility to provide persons who are committed and scheduled to receive medical and clinical services the best practices of psycho-social rehabilitation and recovery.

The agency says accurate clinical data is necessary for decision making purposes to address patient care, patient and staff safety, and to fulfill information requests from external and internal entities in an accurate and timely manner.

Data sources existed on an outdated infrastructure, which made information reporting time-consuming and diminished accuracy. Also, no one source fully described every bed space administered by the agency. This made it difficult to report whether the beds were utilized properly.

As the patient base evolves, bed characteristics may require change, and the agency must make future budget forecasts based on these changes.

The Dept. of State Hospitals must be able to determine bed availability to better identify where prospective patients can be admitted as well as to determine if adjustments to bed offerings in particular locations should be adjusted based on patient needs.

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