Project Description

The City of San Antonio (CoSA), TX applies directly to the federal government for grants to further City goals and programs.

Plus, the City facilitates, through its Dept. of Human Services (DHS), the disbursement of grants from state, federal, and third-party entities to support a variety of local programs and projects.

But, because of new federal auditing and reporting requirements, the department needed to upgrade its grants management program so the department could approve and manage grants electronically.

Initially, CoSA contacted its Microsoft CRM software program developer, GrantVantage in Arlington, VA.

The company manages several implementations for clients throughout the U.S. via cloud technology.

GrantVantage wanted to ensure enhancements to its system met the specific needs of CoSA DHS without impacting other clients.

This required a singular improvement layered onto an existing software program, and GrantVantage did not have the bandwidth to timely complete the task.

To assist CoSA, GrantVantage needed a firm with qualified expertise in CRM programming and an excellent track record of customer support.

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