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Role of Business Analysis in Hybrid Approach to Automation Project

Agile Projects can fall in a trap where business analysis unintentionally gets shifted to a Scrum Master or developer. Every significant automation effort has a series of overlapping workflows. Business Analysis, and ideally Business Analysts, should participate in every workflow. In this presentation, Business Architect […]

A new IDEA for Court Case Management

Our Intelligent Document Extraction and Automation (IDEA) solution enables courts to use cutting edge machine learning/AI solutions within their existing business processes and solutions. Easily Integrate AI into Your Current Systems Using Robotic Process Automation from UiPath, we emulate the actions of clerks and judges in the daily administration […]

Bring employees back safely to the office with these apps

Now is the time to start planning how to safely bring employees back to the office this summer (or sooner). With daily COVID-19 case numbers going down and vaccination numbers going up, now is the time to start planning how you can safely bring employees […]

How a Scrum Manager Can Persevere When Developing a Team

The operative word in Agile Development Team is “Team.” The experience is a team effort, which is sometimes fraught with friction, particularly at the beginning of a project. But, according to the online journal Mind Tools, this behavior is normal among independently creative people who’ve […]

A Workaround Ensures Your PDFs are Readable When Using Lambda

All we wanted to do was upload PDF documents to Lambda, a piece of serverless architecture offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Why we couldn’t make it work was creating headaches. A client had asked us to improve their computing efficiency in uploading PDFs. Their […]