Our Intelligent Document Extraction and Automation (IDEA) solution enables courts to use cutting edge machine learning/AI solutions within their existing business processes and solutions.

Easily Integrate AI into Your Current Systems

Using Robotic Process Automation from UiPath, we emulate the actions of clerks and judges in the daily administration of cases.  With this innovative technology, our solution can be integrated without having to change or modify your existing systems.

Analyze and Automate ALL Content

With the Intellidact AI engine from Computing System Innovations, the solution leverages the most advanced and accurate algorithms for analyzing Court-specific content, including handwritten text. Combined with RPA, our solution extracts, analyzes, and validates any combination of data and documents.

Do More, Faster

With bots processing documents literally around the clock, courts will see an average of 50% – 75% reduction in total processing time for document management.  This includes:

  • Intake and categorization of scanned documents
  • Conducting 3-point matches
  • Stamping of document packages
  • Uploading of documents to a target repository
  • Automated updates to electronic case data

Illustration of gears demonstrating the phases of court document processing.