Now is the time to start planning how to safely bring employees back to the office this summer (or sooner).

With daily COVID-19 case numbers going down and vaccination numbers going up, now is the time to start planning how you can safely bring employees back into the office this summer. TrinityTG can help you select and implement the best solutions available in the market today from ServiceNow and Microsoft. We’ll help you define the features and apps you need based on your organization’s Return to Work plan.

Manage people.

Before you decide if it is time to bring anyone back, you can survey your employees to gain insight into what safety measures will bring comfort and confidence for them in returning to the office.

Once you move forward, staff can self-attest or go through monitored entry using a mobile app to prompt about their health and potential exposure conditions.

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Manage facilities.

Are only certain floors going to be open? How will you limit capacity? Can staff come on Monday and Wednesday but not Tuesday or Thursday? Do janitorial staff need a report of which cubicles were used that day and need to be cleaned?

Determine the readiness to open each facility using the facilities management portion of these applications.

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Manage cases.

In the event there has been potential exposure in the workplace, you can leverage Case Management functionality to properly open, investigate, monitor and resolve cases.

Your Health and Safety leads and contact tracers will be able to establish and follow best practices as well as manage caseload and generate reports.

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