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Business Analysis & Functional Specification


Business Analysis and Functional Specification are all about discovery. For Business Analysts (BAs) discovery means defining the right solution to the problem.

It doesn’t matter how elegant the technologies are if they are not applied to delivering the right solution. Our BAs, by conducting Business Analysis and Functional Specification thoroughly, determine the success of our solutions. Our Business Analysts bring many techniques and tools to a project that serve to make the most effective use of your key staff, and of their time.

Work Products

We prepare a set of work products that exceed the typical Requirements Deliverable. Whether required or not, we have found the following work products essential to understanding the client’s business:

  • Project Documentation Repository
  • Project Management Repositories
  • Business Process Models
  • Decisions and Business Rules
  • Functional and Feature Requirements
  • Conceptual Data Model and Glossary
  • Story Board (including fidelity levels one and two)
  • Use Case Identification

Following verification by the Business Analysis, we complete the Functional Specification that includes:

  • User Experience
  • Use Case Specifications
  • Logical Data Model
  • Re-factored Process Models, Decisions, and Business Rules Repository


  • Provide Knowledge Transfer to your business analysts.
  • Organize work products in a repository that enables ongoing updates.
  • Identify a key analyst on your, the client’s, team, and train him/her. Your key analyst will be trained and prepared to lead ongoing business analysis once the system is in production. Her/his aim is to keep the system current as new capabilities are needed.
  • Provide guidance to technical teams for the architecture, design, and test case preparation.