A Member Management System for a Deep Network of Relationships

//A Member-Management System for Deep Network Relationships
A Member-Management System for Deep Network Relationships2019-01-07T14:29:36+00:00

Project Description

The California Hospital Association (CHA) manages over 400-member hospital organizations throughout the state.  Through regional associations, CHA represents California hospitals and health systems with the Governor, the Legislature, and regulatory agencies.

To improve patient safety and quality care, and to accelerate the rate of improvement, CHA manages a deep network of relationships with key CEOs and board members serving within one or more of the hospitals or systems.

Given this need, CHA required a member-management system that could capture the unique and complex relationships between hospitals and the people who manage them.

With a modern CRM system in place, the objective was to create a single source of truth for hospital membership data that supports contact list management, analytics, and detailed tracking of member information.

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