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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream

Sacramento is HOT.

Last Friday, in 106 degree heat, TrinityTG’s HR director and Technical Writer flew around Sacramento to deliver ice cream to colleagues at their work sites.

We wanted to help them stay as cool as they are in this intense heat.

It was a great reminder of all the talent we have at Trinity Technology Group, Inc., we are so grateful for what you bring to the table!


March 2017 Quarterly Meeting and Breakout Sessions

Annual Summer Picnic

TrinityTG hosted the summer picnic on at Mather Regional Park on Saturday, July 16. Complete with balloon animals, sack races, face painting, balloon toss, and a taco bar from Chando’s Tacos, the families had an amazing time at our annual summer event.

Partnering with CCHCS and Cerner Healthcare Systems, Trinity Technology Group checked off another successful Go Live this past week with the successful cutover to ECHOS & SOMS Integration.

October 4, 2015

Urban Cow

Six TrinityTG employees ran in Sacramento’s Annual Urban Cow 1/2 marathon. Three ran a full 1/2 marathon, while another ran a 5k.

Lexie and Alyssa’s decision to split the 1/2 marathon and do a relay proved really fruitful; they came in 3rd place for the women’s relay!

Charan ran his very first 1/2 marathon and finished with an admirable time!

TrinityTG was happy to sponsor their employees and see their dedication to fitness benefit local high school running programs!

October 2, 2015

Quarterly Meeting

At the latest quarterly meeting, we heard from our CFO, HR Manager, Co-Founder, and others. For a portion of the meeting our staff divided into breakout groups to discuss topics relevant to specific practice areas, including BI, .Net, and CRM.

September 11, 2015

Knead IT

Spanish Tortilla

The Spanish Tortilla was a favorite!

Technical Marketing Writer Alyssa led the company’s first Knead IT session. Technical Writer Avantika organized Knead IT sessions because, “Culinary team building programs give employees a platform to bond outside of the workplace. Through Knead IT, we try to engage employees in working together and getting to know each other while developing a new skill.” …Not to mention that the kitchen table is one of the best places to bond
Alyssa’s 3-course meal went as follows:

Course One: Spanish Tortilla – a potato and egg dish, the Spanish Tortilla is delicious for breakfast or as a hearty snack anytime throughout the day. Though simple, the torilla is definitely one of the most common, tasty, and filling tapas in Spain.

Course Two: Gazpacho – though the summer will soon be ending everyone needs this tasty, cool, and super healthy dish in their recipe book. Alternations/additions can be made in reflection of what is in season. This cold soup can be dressed up or down.

Making Gazpacho

The First Knead IT team makes Gazpacho. Sous chefs Janette and Tim were of great help!

Course Three: Adventures in Paella – Everyone associates paella with seafood, and rightly so! Madrid is famous for their Paella. Know why? Aside from being great at making it, Madrilenos still get some of the best seafood in Spain. (Fun fact: Trade routes were set in place when the king of Spain inhabited the royal palace, which is near the center of Madrid. Though the royal family no longer lives in the palace, the routes that were set up are still in place.) Now that Alyssa has you salivating for seafood – she has to pull a little bait and switch; is a vegetarian paella possible? Would it even be worth the labor? The answer is a wholesome yes.


Time to sit down and enjoy this delicious Paella! Thanks Avantika (far right) for organizing!

July 25, 2015

Annual Company Picnic

Trinity Technology Group’s annual picnic was at Six Flags this year. Each employee was invited to bring along their family or significant other. Aside from all the rides and attractions that the park offers, we also organized a Photo Scavenger Hunt! Our employees were asked to have their picture taken in three different places in the park. For each photo taken, their name was entered to win a prize. Watch the Prezi here to see what prizes we offered!

June 26, 2015

Partner Steve Williamson’s thoughtful and enthusiastic comments on the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

“It’ll take a whole lot of reading to really get into the depths to appreciate what happened…what’s happened over the last, say, 15 years to lead to what happened today where the court ruled that it’s legal for gay couples to get married and to have that recognized in anyplace in the country.”

At Trinity Technology Group diversity means acknowledging, valuing, and taking account of our different backgrounds, skills, and experiences. It means encouraging and using those differences to create a unified community and effective workforce.

Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage, TrinityTG Quarterly Meeting

Part of the Business Intelligence Breakout group.

Company founder addresses employees.

New Hires please stand up! It’s been a busy year for us!

Alyssa presents on Client Relations.

The speaker has everyone’s attention.

Avantika and Janette hand out tickets for annual picnic; Six Flags this year!

May 2, 2015

Dirty Team Building!

TrinityTG Women got together to run a 5k characterized by its dirtiness. Our team of 12 included the children of our HR Manager and Payroll/Benefits Coordinator, as well as the sister of one of our Business Analysts. From running up hills with logs, to crawling under walls in muddy baths and climbing slippery slopes and ropes, we had a fitness and smile filled morning.

“Getting to do something totally different with my daughter and fellow female colleagues that I do not often see outside of work was super fun.” Kim Clark, HR Manager.

“It was a great day to spend with the women of TrinityTG, watching them encourage and assist one another.” Raelyn Sweebe, Proposal Manager

“The run was a lot more fun than I had expected and it allowed for great team building among the women in Trinity. It was nice hearing words of encouragement from other women and it pushed me to run harder and faster because I do not run at all. We don’t get to see each other much, being on different projects, and it was fun being able to hang out with co-workers outside of work.” Kelly Phan, Staff Business Analyst.

“This was my first time participating in any sort of run, let alone a mud run and obstacle course, which made the event very intimidating to me. The Pretty Muddy Mud Run was an exciting and rewarding experience, as I had the opportunity to bond with and overcome nerve-wracking obstacles with my fellow Trinity family members. It was fantastic to be able to jump chest-first into a deep pool of mud, and emerge completely slathered from head to toe in thick sludge, while standing tall alongside my Trinity team. I’m looking forward to new and difficult challenges with Trinity by my side!” Stacy Sheehan, Business Analyst.

Multiple Times Throughout the Year

Happy Hour

The majority of our employees work on client sites. Every couple of months we host a happy hour at the main office in midtown to be sure we have a chance to catch up with one another. Food from local restaurants and drinks are served!

March 22, 2015

Mud Run for IT

Ten TrinityTG colleagues banned together to run through, slide, and share a fun-muddy experience. We helped each other tackle obstacles while also helping two local charities raise funds to benefit their target populations.

February 24, 2015

Multiple Times Throughout the Year

Lunch & Learn

Agile expert and dynamic public speaker Hiren, leads employees through session.

Employees participate in a Lunch and Learn session about Agile.

Employees explore the definition of a leader.

What tasks are all employees responsible for?

What is better than learning and eating at the same time?

We broadcast our Lunch and Learn lessons for employees that are unable to make it to headquarters.

Happy New Year 2015

Celebrating Successes of 2014

December 17, 2014

Holiday Lunch

Our Christmas dinner in 2014 was held at Lucca, in downtown Sacramento and only a few blocks from our main office. The food was delicious and the atmosphere festive; games were played and prizes won. It was a great kick-off to the holiday season.