I need a Mentor: Unraveling the Complexity of Statewide Rollouts

Organizational Change Management and the Complexities of Statewide Rollouts   At Trinity Technology Group, especially with large IT projects, we have noticed that there are multi-faceted complexities that materialize on any given implementation. Some of the questions that might emerge from these complexities: How do [...]

Steer Clear of Ambiguous Requirements

Steer Clear of Ambiguous Requirements How many times have you heard a developer or a tester say that the requirements are not clear enough to develop or test? Every project, irrespective of size, faces the issue of ambiguous requirements. At times this happens because the [...]

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The Agile Revolution in Sacramento

The Agile Revolution in Sacramento We all know what revolution means, but have you heard about the Agile Revolution? Well, I experienced it on November 7th, 2014, when more than 200 certified Project Management Professionals gathered in Sacramento to embark on the journey of [...]

Putting out Project Fires

Putting out Project Fires Living in Northern California, we are all familiar with forest fires. One of the many brave, self-sufficient groups that battle these ferocious blazes are called Smoke Jumpers. They are firefighters who parachute into remote areas with nothing but the gear on [...]

Think You’re Cut out to be a Business Analyst? Take this Quiz to Find out!

Think You're Cut out to be a Business Analyst? Take this Quiz to find out! Are you interested in understanding business processes? Do you like asking a plethora of questions? Would you consider communication to be a key [...]