Government has the requirement of providing, managing, and reporting on licenses and permits within a wide variety of areas, including financial regulation, business regulation, municipal government management, parks and recreation, energy and air quality, and many more areas. The public expects to be able to interact with Government to obtain, renew, and review their licenses online, 24/7. Staff must be able to view, update, and report on this information easily and in real time.

Trinity Technology Group’s (TrinityTG) LicenseVue software helps Government achieve this mission. LicenseVue is a modern, COTS-based application that delivers a self-service portal along with a step-by-step process for licensees to apply for, maintain, and obtain a license or permit, and to pay fees online 24/7. LicenseVue provides government staff with automation and workflow to review applications and monitor exceptions, complaints, and other non-compliance issues, and provides a robust reporting database to view and manage all your licensing, compliance, and enforcement actions.

Key benefits of our LicenseVue solution include: 

  • Online Licensing Review and Approval Workflows Help Users Organize and Complete Tasks.
  • Consolidated Index of Businesses and Individuals Enable Users to Manage and Consolidate Critical Data.
  • Intake and Enforcement Case Management Allows Users to Prioritize and Manage Workflow.
  • Bulk Data Import Provides Application Status, History, and Account Owner.
  • Public Submission / Filing Improves Processing Time and Submission Data Accuracy.
  • Public Document Search provides External Users access to needed documents and improves public outreach.
  • The self-service portal for external users also provides access to License Applications, Annual Reports Filings, and Payment Processing.