Trinity Technology Group (TrinityTG) built InspectionVue to allow your field workers to leave the clipboard behind. InspectionVue automates and consolidates a number of manual process by facilitating data capture for workers with inspection and field responsibilities.

InspectionVue stores readings, photos, and notes gathered in the field, making it ideal for conducting instrument-based inspections of physical and natural structures. Functional online and offline, our solution equally benefits workers tasked with inspecting remote areas. InspectionVue integrates with a web-based analytics portal to generate robust reports, and is compatible with Android and iOS devices to provide maximum flexibility.

InspectionVue was built to anticipate the needs of a variety of field workers. As a result, its benefits are also varied. They include:

  • InspectionVue standardizes data collection. Flexible data collection options allow users to select their mode of entry. To ensure consistency alongside this flexibility, our integrated thresholds prevent erroneous data from being entered.
  • InspectionVue is document management savvy. The solution has unlimited file tagging capabilities, and the advanced search makes document retrieval quick and painless.
  • The solution’s advanced auditing capabilities tracks which user made changes to data, what and why it was changed, and when the change occurred. Its GPS hardware allows the system to also track where event changes occur.
  • InspectionVue has a robust calculation engine. The system handles complicated formulas up to 1,000 characters in length, and its built-in time sensitivity tells the system use the appropriate formula for the specific reading date.