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Trinity Technology Group’s Health Information Exchange Suite my favourite cartoon essay free cialis ontario enter site nurse prescribing essay examples viagra h levitra i accidentally took viagra follow url case study of nestle training and development essays on teen abortion follow depression term paper dissertation sections explained art history critique essay mla 12 angry men juror 8 essay hard sell evolution viagra salesman plot summary see essay on construction work here thesis psychology topics borang tuntutan elaun thesis kpt write an essay about an unforgettable family gathering Trinity Technology Group offers a solution suite that allows patient data to be shared and enhances a Provider’s Electronic Health Record System. It includes a robust Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) / Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which transmits, processes, and acts on clinical data. The solution also contains a rules engine that allows an organizations’ data to be compared against an organization’s rules.

Our Health Information Exchange solution suite also contains a:

  • Provider Directory to manage the providers,
  • Master Patient Index to maintain patient consistency,
  • Clinical Data Repository for storing the data in a clinical format, and a
  • Record Locator Service to find patient data at the various encounter locations inside the Health Information Exchange.

More information on these can be found below.

THE.Hub enables data sharing across systems in an organization, or across multiple systems and multiple organizations. THE.Hub securely transforms and transports data between distinct entities, bringing data into focus even as the purpose for accessing the data changes from system to system.

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Our data warehousing and business intelligence product, known as THE.Cube, is a combination of experienced professionals familiar with current methodologies, tools, and products to deliver solutions ranging from a “cube in a box” to large-scale custom data warehouses and business intelligence solutions.

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When you want your data to travel safely and swiftly, secure a rules engine. Rules engines are traffic cops for data. By enforcing the rules of the road, a rules engine ensures that the right data makes it to the right place. It also saves time and money by efficiently sharing and implementing the rules across your organization.

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THE.Index is a Provider Enrollment, Credential Management, and Learning Management System. THE.Index manages what insurance and health carriers a provider is aligned with, and it allows users and admins to view multiple types of reports for trending and historical views. THE.Index also keeps a full audit history of any activities around an entity in the system.

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The Record Locator Service (RLS), or THE.Search, finds patient records. Or, more specifically, THE.Search finds the locations of the patient data. It provides enough information to determine what providers have seen a specific patient, and what the general nature of the visit was (i.e. pharmacy, radiology). If necessary, the provider can then choose to contact other clinical data generating providers, or choose to download the data into their medical records system.

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THE.Directory is a provider management tool that can be used by an organization or by providers to create and maintain a provider profile. The profile can be used to manage both certifications and licenses as well as the insurance and health carriers a provider is aligned with. THE.Directory also includes a learning management component that allows users to take required and optional training courses. Also, THE.Directory couples with other components of the TrinityTG’s HIE to validate data access and patient data locations. 

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