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Project Description

Health & Human Services Payment Systems

Many public sector organizations use payment systems to collect money from their customers that are integral to the Information Technology Systems. Trinity Technology Group employs staff who have extensive experience working with payment processing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), and have deep knowledge of the banking rules that govern the lifecycle of both credit card transactions and ACH (eCheck) transactions. This experience spans a long list of processors and the variety of API technology they use. TTG has used this knowledge to integrate automated payment processing with new and legacy applications for its customers. We have prior projects with California Department of Health Care Services with 835 payment and remittance advice transactions and for California Department of Community Services and Development with the Local Service Providers and tracking how much of their allocated funds have been spent year to date.  This information is crucial for determining how many more applicants will be able to receive assistance during the selected program year. Most recently, TTG added a customer-facing web portal for the California Department of Business Oversight and integrated automatic fee calculations and a payment submission sub-system that utilizes California State’s approved payment processor.