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Project Description

Licensing & Enforcement

Though State and local agencies responsible for licensing and regulating individuals and service organizations can vary widely in their business processes, they often face several common business problems:

  • Finding “One Version of the Truth”: Disparate business processes make it difficult to get a consolidated view of compliance history, impacting a regulator’s ability to follow up on complaints and determine compliance history.
  • Efficient Collection of Renewals and Assessment Fees: The fee collection process is often a manual effort, making it cumbersome and error-prone.
  • Timely Collection of Information: With many paper-based business processes, regulators and licensed entities are limited in their ability to efficiently submit and review information.




TrinityTG’s Licensing and Compliance Management System (LCMS) solves these business challenges by providing the general public, licensed entities, and the regulatory agency with a system that fully integrates the end to end licensing workflow.

Our solution enables multiple input channels, where the regulator, the licensed entities, and the general public can request and submit information about licensed entities in real time to a central database, providing all stakeholders with a consolidated view of everything that is known about that licensed business or individual.