Project Description

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Trinity Technology Group’s Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence practice consists of experienced professionals familiar with current methodologies, tools and products to deliver large-scale data warehouses and business intelligence solutions. Our solutions span the full implementation lifecycle including dimensional modeling, data integration, warehouse administration, and the data acquisition process, the creation of data repositories,  and the implementation of information delivery applications.


Our experience encompasses the complete development life cycle from business case through design, architecture, implementation, testing, and rollout. Our partners include leading hardware and software vendors serving the data warehousing market place.

Data Acquisition

An integral part of any Data Warehouse solution is the data extract, transform, and load (ETL) process. Trinity Technology Group’s team of professionals place a strong emphasis on high performance ETL and data aggregation to deliver effective data acquisition solutions. This includes mapping, cleansing, transforming, and aggregating data using parallel technology tools to build industrial-strength ETL processes that accommodate high data volumes from disparate sources. We identify the best sources for data elements, reconstructing data when required and deploying the most appropriate tools to retrieve the data from its primary sources. Through the cleansing process, we enhance data quality by ensuring data accuracy, type, and consistency.

Information Delivery

TrinityTG also specializes in helping clients implement information delivery systems to allow users to access the data in the warehouse. These systems include decision support tools, data mining and analytic tools. We start by implementing a data model that ensures data across all functional areas is integrated to support cross-functional analyses. In addition, we ensure all reporting and access requirements are met. This may include fixed-frequency static reports; ad-hoc reports; dynamic, multidimensional queries; Internet/intranet application interfaces; and data mining.

Dimensional Modeling

The physical design of the Data Warehouse is a key component to ensure efficient access to data to produce useful and effective queries. Trinity’s team of professionals is familiar with current design techniques to build a framework, and to support high-performance data access. This process includes the analysis and translation of business requirements into the design of fact and dimension tables. Our experienced professionals have the skills necessary to build de-normalized views of the data to produce a ‘star-schema’ that supports the most complex business reporting requirements.