Helping Health Care Providers Help the Impoverished

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) encourages underrepresented groups to pursue healthcare careers by incentivizing aspiring primary care health professionals to work in underserved communities through scholarships opportunities in their CalREACH program. The department also manages the Cal-Mortgage loan insurance program [...]

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Life Robotic: Where does Automated Development meet Human Touch?

That’s the great thing about progress. We’re finally seeing that the last few anchors, etched so intricately with the highly structured and waterlogged SDLC Waterfall bible of software development, are having their crusty, threadbare ropes cut. They have been allowed to oh-so-happily drift into [...]

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Agile Training from the Perspective of a Proposal Guru: “Agile is a Change in Mindset”

  Recent TrinityTG graduates from Scrum training, only some are pictured here Before the Training Our pre-work included watching videos on what motivates higher level work and a short video on the Agile framework. We also read parts of the Scrum Guide and [...]

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Agile Within and Agile Without: Benefiting our Clients and Ourselves

What’s so great about Agile? Agile management processes provide the highest value for the client by: satisfying the most important business needs first, prioritizing tasks and user stories, and providing tools to ensure a project team’s effort is sustained, focused, and measurable throughout the project [...]

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