Agile Within and Agile Without: Benefiting our Clients and Ourselves

What’s so great about Agile? Agile management processes provide the highest value for the client by: satisfying the most important business needs first, prioritizing tasks and user stories, and providing tools to ensure a project team’s effort is sustained, focused, and measurable throughout the project [...]

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Trinity Technology Group joins Sacramento Business Journal’s 2017 list of Best Places to Work

There are 44,000 businesses in Sacramento. This year, 44 were recognized by Sacramento Business Journal. We are honored to be one of them! We would like to thank our employees, It's their commitment to our clients, company values, and vision that made it possible for us [...]

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Information Technology Contracting Services in California’s Public Sector

California has a multitude of contracting vehicles that can be used to acquire IT Goods and/or Services. There are numerous leveraged procurement agreement (LPA) vehicles that allow the purchase of basic IT services. They include: Information Technology Master Services Agreement (IT-MSA) – the current state [...]

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Data Integration: Breaking Data Silos and Turning “My Data” into “Our Data”

The Need for Data Integration In today’s world, data integration is no longer a technology term – it’s a business imperative. After all, business strategy depends on how quickly you can analyze and act upon data, which requires building tools that provide a [...]

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Trinity Technology Group, Wins General IT Schedule 70 and New Health IT Award

Trinity Technology Group, Inc. (TrinityTG), a small business provider of IT services to government agencies, has been awarded the General IT Schedule 70 by the U.S General Services Administration (GSA). GSA Schedule 70 provides Federal Government agencies with ready-access to product and services such as [...]

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California and the 18F

Modular, Agile, Open Let’s hope California's adoption of the 18F concepts gets traction. 18F is the “street” name for the federal group that is the catalyst for the long overdue radical disruption to the way large software projects are undertaken. 18F was founded [...]

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Angular 2: Just Another Development Platform or the Development Platform?

Depending on who you talk to, Angular 2 is either simply another development platform, or it is the development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications. Those that consider it the platform do so because Angular 2 is opinionated: its application structure is [...]

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Swimming Strong in the Agile Pool, Introduction and Part 1

Introduction The State of California’s RFI to expand the Agile Vendor Pool seeks a notification application. Its requirements enable California residents to register for an email and SMS notification service that can send location-based emergency and non-emergency messages. It also asks that [...]

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