Trinity Technology Group’s (TrinityTG) LenderVue software helps Governments enhance their existing licensing systems and processes by automating the gathering and integration of the necessary NMLS data.  LenderVue is a modern application that delivers full NMLS interoperability, provides integration, shows compliance and anomalies with State data, and provides full data archival in desired formats. LenderVue provides government staff with automated daily downloads supporting important lender information in a consumable format that can be integrated with existing systems or implemented as a stand-alone solution.

LenderVue works either in a cloud-based or on-premise environment to integrate with NMLS to provide the necessary information in a format that can be loaded within existing legacy applications.  LenderVue provides a reliable and industry leading backbone which is configurable, extendable, and maintainable. LenderVue can grow with your business needs by providing additional data to accommodate new business functions and regulations.

  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities use NMLS data to create/manage reports or supplement existing tools.

  • One Version of the Truth Helps consolidate and integrate NMLS data with internal data of regulated entities.

  • Data can be expanded and supplemented as needed.

  • Sustainable & flexible technology stack maximizes investment.

  • Can be integrated with LicenseVue or existing internal systems for a full picture of your regulated industry.

Read more about the benefits our solution offers in the LenderVue Brochure.

Would you like to see a demo? Send us a message at trinitytg@trinitytg.com.