About Steve Williamson

Steve Williamson is a business process architect and enterprise technology planning consultant. He has over 30 years of experience working with executive and project management and is an expert at defining and delivering information management and technology solutions. You can find him on Linkedin.

Business Architecture Manifesto

Business Program Managers have the greatest stake in the proper design, build and maintenance of automation services. These executives cannot accept on faith that new automated systems will provide the functionality and data in a way that will respond to new business rules, new [...]

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Technology: The Whipping Boy for Mistakes Made by Committees

Technology: The Whipping Boy for Mistakes Made by Committees A Texas hospital was quick to claim a technology defect for the miscommunication that led to the death of an Ebola patient and subsequent infection of health care workers.  The deaths were tragedies, but [...]

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Too Big to Fail: Why Clients Pay Too Much

Too Big too Fail: Why Clients Pay too Much When a projects budget exceeds 50m, there should be at least three separate implementation vendor contracts and the projects functionality should be broken into two or three components, with each component drawn up in its own [...]