About Jeremy Dean

Jeremy Dean is Chief of Business Development at Trinity Technology Group. He specializes in Health Interoperability and tackles obstacles at work like he tackles them as a Spartan. Visit him on Linkedin here.

The Intersection of Providers, Patients, and Data

Inside the contents of techie blogs, magazines, and conference rooms you’ll find teams and experts talking about health interoperability - what it takes to share health care data in today’s world. We have heard these discussions and we have participated in them. Many of them [...]

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THE.Hub, from Trinity Technology Group

What is TrinityTG’s THE.Hub? THE.Hub is our shorthand for "Trinity Health Exchange." Quickly described, THE.Hub enables data sharing across systems in an organization, or across multiple systems and multiple organizations. THE.Hub securely transforms and transports data between distinct entities, bringing data into focus even when [...]

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I, Spartan

It's 2:00 in the morning and I am crammed into a red eye flying towards New York. From there I will hop on an hour-long flight to Vermont and drive another hour from Burlington down to Killington. I am almost four hours into my trip, [...]

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