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THE.Hub is our shorthand for “Trinity Health Exchange.” Quickly described, THE.Hub enables data sharing across systems in an organization, or across multiple systems and multiple organizations. THE.Hub securely transforms and transports data between distinct entities, bringing data into focus even when the purpose for accessing the data (i.e. information available in a Health Care system) is distinct it’s use in the source system (i.e. a financial system).

THE.Hub emerged from a pattern that we came to utilize with Middleware and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) products to promise the safe and accurate transfer of data across systems. Over time, it became a central component of our Electronic Health Records (EHR)/Health Information Exchange (HIE) interoperability platform. In the diagram pictured here, we show how these pieces – including our data warehouse, provider system, and eligibility and claims systems – relate and interact.

THE.Hub still starts with an interoperability framework, or pattern, that can be applied to the data sharing of an organization, or group of organizations. This framework can be applied to pre-existing infrastructure, or clients can utilize THE.Hub’s integration engine. Also, THE.Hub can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud to better fit into our client’s environment.

How did we come up with THE.Hub

TrinityTG has been leading integration and interoperability (I & I) projects over our 17 years of providing service in Sacramento. While working on these projects, we encountered many of the existing I & I software products and quickly realized that while the underlying product could change, the patterns for I & I were universal. We started to document and formalize these patterns.

More recently, we started looking at how to benefit our customers that use an existing product, but don’t get the maximum benefit from it. We also looked for ways to advance our customers that had no existing interoperability infrastructure. Our answer lie inside THE.Hub: a full-fledged product that facilitates internal and external data exchanges. THE.Hub allows us to offer our clients just what they need, and because THE.Hub is flexible and extendable, we can deliver a solution that matches our clients’ needs at any point in time.  The most exciting part of THE.Hub solution is that it allows us to offer fluid data transfers, along with all of the insights these transfers bring, to organizations that had felt – due to pricing or perceived technical limitations – these capabilities were out of their reach.

What are we doing with THE.Hub

Currently we are utilizing THE.Hub technology with clients to transport adjudication for Medi-Cal claims in the State of California. This system is based on Microsoft technologies, and relies heavily on the X12 standard for claims messaging. This system transports and adjudicates approximately 3 billion dollars a month for the State of California and its health providers. TrinityTG continues to work with the State to implement enhancements and maintain the system.

We are also utilizing THE.Hub at California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to integrate health care data with the Offender Management System. This project involves one of the top EHR vendors in the I & I marketplace and one of the largest inmate populations in the country. Here, THE.Hub takes the HL7 standard and transforms and transmits data over an Oracle and Microsoft mixed platform. This handles the exchange of over 130,000 inmate/patients’ health records and their constantly changing demographics. Access to health care and correctional staff have improved greatly with this data integration.

We are excited to be utilizing THE.Hub to better integrate other Correctional organizations with their data systems. Also, we have an initiative in motion that will enhance data sharing for counties and the state. This effort will focus on continuing care for hard-to-reach populations in the counties, including the homeless, recently paroled individuals, and people with mental and behavioral health issues.