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A Forbes Insight report, “Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce” recently found that 1) Diversity is a key driver of innovation and is a critical component of being successful on a global scale, 2) diversity and inclusion is crucial for companies that want to attract and retain top talent, and 3) Nearly all respondents reported that their companies have diversity and inclusion strategies in place. This is clearly an issue that global companies see as a strategic opportunity for success. The executive team of Trinity Technology Group recently identified building leadership growth in general as a priority. Moreover, the team recognized that there is not the representation of women in the management level of Trinity’s leadership team that they would like. With that recognition, TrinityTG identified a cohort of nine women leaders within the company to continue with leadership development in the High Potential Women’s Leadership Program.

Expansion and impact are two areas of focus for the women in the currently running High Potential Women’s Leadership Program. This nine women have been working together since January in training sessions and peer meetings to grow in the company and develop as leaders and contributors. Through dynamic engagements, these team members are challenging themselves to ask the question, “How can we expand our influence and impact on performance, client satisfaction, and team dynamics?”

The training revolves around topics such as communication, feedback, the ladder of inference, and key components in building leadership capacity. While the training supports the skill development of the participants, greater insights come up during conversations in the coaching, group meetings, and peer conversations. It is in dialog and sharing that members explore and develop new perspectives and validate and expand the impact of the learning.

Additionally, each participant has to identify their own personal goals in development and commit to taking actions every month to support the fruition of these goals. Humans learn through action and in community. Through discussions and debates, the participants uncover new awareness and perspectives. The importance of this to the women in the program is really up to them to demonstrate. With this initiative, TrinityTG has aimed to turn these women leaders into even more aware, powerful, and effective team members.

It takes courage to lead. It takes courage to be the first group to go through a new program in a visible manner and to fully embrace the opportunity. The TrinityTG participants of the High Potential Women Leadership Program have demonstrated a great dedication to the company and a commitment to developing as a team member. The community that is transforming through this program provides what, I hope, will be a strong network to support each participant in making a positive difference long into the future.