Mapping Microsoft CRM

shutterstock_100932412The fundamental aspect of Information Technology (IT) is to access, broadcast, and alter data in a frame of business or enterprise. The majority of data, or enterprise data, that Information Technology uses has some kind of location component, or are geographic in nature. In fact, the phrase “80% of Data is Geographic” has been mentioned repeatedly by various Information technology researchers and scientists over the last four decades.

Much of the data stored in a table (also known as entity) in the Microsoft Dynamic CRM environment has a location component – an address, for example. One of the most important and widely used mapping functionalities in Microsoft Dynamic is geocoding addresses on a map, subsequently embedding the map on a Microsoft Dynamic form or Dashboard. Geocoding is the fundamental aspect of mapping functionality. It translates a text, such as an address, (for example ‘100 ABC Drive’) to a point on the earth’s surface by assigning it the accurate longitude and latitude. Geospatial visualization, finding the nearest location of something, route optimization, and heat map analysis are few major uses that can be leveraged from a wide variety of location-based functionalities. There is a growing demand for mapping compatibilities in those technologies that are located within the traditional software systems. In response,  various software vendors are exposing map functionalities or Map API’s that can be integrated seamlessly within Microsoft dynamic CRM.

In a separate white paper, I have highlighted various possible ways maps can be integrated in Microsoft dynamic CRM. Here, I provide general and technical descriptions of each mapping software and the functionalities specific to each. I hope you enjoy it!


Bing Map requires a key for the API to work. It might be free up to 125,000 hits for public and non-commercial sites. Please check Microsoft Map Licensing for detail and accurate information on licensing options.


GoogleMaps is free if it is used for public and noncommercial purposes. Please see details at google map licensing option.


For licensing information see easy territory web site.


PowerMap is licensed through PowerObjects.


For licensing information visit the infogrow website.


ERSI is not free, please visit ESRI Web site for the details.