Welcome to the Consulting World

Names/roles have been changed to protect the innocent or just to ensure my ability to pay for life’s little pleasures – such as my morning coffee runs. Before joining Trinity Technology Group, I had worked in project management at multinational corporations for 10 years. In [...]

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TrinityTG client California Department of Insurance receives Digital Government award for online portal solutions

Sacramento, September 27, 2016:  Trinity Technology Group, Inc. (TrinityTG), a leader in innovative technology solutions for the State of California, is pleased to announce today that the California Department of Insurance (CDI) received a 2016 Digital Government Achievement Award (DGAA) from the Center for Digital [...]

Promoting Growth Through Women’s Leadership Initiative

TrinityTG employees (L-R) Sarabjit Dahiya, Heather Seiden, Christine Chang, Tera Krider, Stacy Sheehan, Pallavi Ahire, Raelyn Sweebe and Alyssa Rasmussen rejoice after the Sacramento's Shamrock'n Run. A Forbes Insight report, “Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce” recently found that 1) Diversity is a key [...]

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The Sharing Economy: Coworking Spaces Dot City’s Landscape

The Sharing Economy: Coworking Spaces Dot City’s Landscape In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about the merits and demerits of various office formats. Some suggest open floorplans hinder productivity because of the large number of distractions in the workplace. Others say [...]

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Embracing Generational Diversity: Leveraging a Diverse Workforce for Competitive Advantage

Embracing Generational Diversity: Leveraging a Diverse Workforce For Competitive Advantage Often when people think about generational diversity they think about what they bring to the table with regard to their generation's skills or abilities. Alternatively, folks often believe that their generation does most things better than [...]

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