Welcome to the Consulting World

Names/roles have been changed to protect the innocent or just to ensure my ability to pay for life’s little pleasures – such as my morning coffee runs. Before joining Trinity Technology Group, I had worked in project management at multinational corporations for 10 years. In [...]

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Business Intelligence Excellence Part 1: The Three Stages for Data

Any type of data, including healthcare data, must undergo three stages before it can be used for sustainable, meaningful analytics by an analyst: data capture, data provisioning, data analysis. Data Capture: People, processes, and devices produce data. More than any other single factor, an analyst’s job [...]

Is a Trip That Different from a Project? An Analyst Evaluates

Have you ever planned a trip? If yes, do you see any similarities between planning a trip and a project? The common factors became apparent to me when I decided to write about my first trip from New Delhi to San Francisco. The process of [...]

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Putting out Project Fires

Putting out Project Fires Living in Northern California, we are all familiar with forest fires. One of the many brave, self-sufficient groups that battle these ferocious blazes are called Smoke Jumpers. They are firefighters who parachute into remote areas with nothing but the gear on [...]

Too Big to Fail: Why Clients Pay Too Much

Too Big too Fail: Why Clients Pay too Much When a projects budget exceeds 50m, there should be at least three separate implementation vendor contracts and the projects functionality should be broken into two or three components, with each component drawn up in its own [...]