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Project Description

Mobile & Field Inspection

Trinity Technology Group has implemented robust mobile/tablet applications for field/mobile inspections using mobile devices. Our devices have many capabilities, including the ability to:

  •  Exchange data elements with web services that are centrally hosted.
  • Maintain data integrity when the mobile devices travels to remote locations which did not have internet connectivity.
  • Take pictures of structures using the app.
  • Send the images to the back-end office for reviews.
  • Help field users to locate instruments via ESRI maps and guide them to where the instruments are actually located via GPS co-ordinates.
  • Parse instrument readings of various instruments and calculate the low and high thresholds for the reading taken. Take readings and pictures without data connectivity; when the user got within the data connectivity range the app automatically syncs up the user data with the back-end application and maintains data integrity.
  • Run on both iOS and Android platform with single source code.
  • Access map services from any open source or from in-house map components.
  • Extend to GPS tracking, document linking, Photo Integration, and back end integration to other systems.


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