Single Page Application and Data Binding using RivetsJS, jQuery, and the Revealing Module Pattern

I recently worked on a project where we upgraded an ASP.NET Web Forms application to an application with the following requirements: Single Page Application (SPA) front-end NET MVC Views to render HTML Use built-in MVC Routing: We could have used js for client-side routing, but [...]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: A Development Tool in the Hands of a BA

The first time I used Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I couldn't get over the fact that it had so many pop-ups for every link that was clicked on. It was very reminiscent of an era defined by the proliferation pop-up advertisements on a website. Because [...]

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Business Architecture Manifesto

Business Program Managers have the greatest stake in the proper design, build and maintenance of automation services. These executives cannot accept on faith that new automated systems will provide the functionality and data in a way that will respond to new business rules, new [...]

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Is a Trip That Different from a Project? An Analyst Evaluates

Have you ever planned a trip? If yes, do you see any similarities between planning a trip and a project? The common factors became apparent to me when I decided to write about my first trip from New Delhi to San Francisco. The process of [...]

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I, Spartan

It's 2:00 in the morning and I am crammed into a red eye flying towards New York. From there I will hop on an hour-long flight to Vermont and drive another hour from Burlington down to Killington. I am almost four hours into my trip, [...]

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Change Management and the 3-Step Adage

What do you think of when you hear Change Management? For me, it is a set of processes to manage change (change in requirements, resources, schedule, etc.) with respect to an IT project that has already been kicked off. Recently, while discussing change management with [...]

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Technology Project Anti-Patterns

Best Practice's Enemy Our industry, the IT industry, focuses on delivering technology solutions for people. As consultants, we depend on successful communication patterns to build solutions for our clients. These are often called best practices. On the other side of this coin are anti-patterns, which are indicators [...]

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Protecting the Client: The Basics

Protecting the Client: Email Security Part of a Security-focused Blog Series for Trinity Technology Group Consultants should always keep the client in mind. The client looks to us to act as experts in our field, with the ability to practice and show extensive knowledge of [...]

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The Sharing Economy: Coworking Spaces Dot City’s Landscape

The Sharing Economy: Coworking Spaces Dot City’s Landscape In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about the merits and demerits of various office formats. Some suggest open floorplans hinder productivity because of the large number of distractions in the workplace. Others say [...]

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