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Justice and Public Safety

Our JPS Team is a dedicated group of professionals providing thought leadership and commitment to the industry, aligning our technology to address the unique needs of organizations in the Law Enforcement, Corrections, Emergency Management, and Justice Communities. This focused team of Subject Matter Experts, Architects, and Consultants mission-enables TrinityTG to deliver in the complex world these organizations operate in. We have integrated Offender Management Systems and Health Care systems, including at one of the largest Correctional Organizations in the world. Our BI and Data Warehouse solutions have provided real-time analytics for justice organizations to make critical decisions in a timely manner.

Justice and Public Safety Case Studies:

Health and Human Services

TrinityTG recognizes the growing burden being placed on Health and Human Services organizations. We have aligned ourselves to be the partner that helps overcome burdens – and to even thrive in the face of them. Between shifting political priorities and the growing population, our HHS team brings a powerful blend of experience and flexibility to solve current HHS issues. We have partnered with our clients to create the largest health plan payment system in the nation while reducing fraud and waste through analytical detection. We have helped some of the largest Electronic Health Record System vendors integrate their systems in some of the largest and most complex environments. Our understanding of HHS data has allowed us to drive Business Intelligence and Data Analytics into some of the largest Government Health Organizations.

Health and Human Services Case Studies:

Natural Resources and Energy

TrinityTG’s NRE group brings a highly specialized skillset, and the technology to match it, to the evolving world of Natural Resources, Public Utilities, and Energy. Our team has years of experience working in these fields and not only brings the solution expertise, but more importantly, the domain understanding to work with your teams to deliver in a shifting regulatory landscape. We provide information system solutions that promote energy production, regulate carbon fuels, encourage energy efficiency through national data integration, and aide in the regulation of air quality. We work with clients to develop business intelligence solutions from their transaction systems that enable drill down analysis, forecasting, and targeted program investments.

Natural Resources and Energy Case Studies:

Government Operations

TrinityTG has worked with Government Organizations for almost two decades and understands the core functions that these Departments and Agencies are tasked with. Our teams are passionate about the application ecosystems our clients maintain, including both their security and reliability. We have deep experience in licensing, grant management, and financial regulation. TrinityTG’s product lines enable Government Entities to efficiently serve their downstream customers. For Information Technology divisions we provide support for service management, infrastructure, the integration of data and geographic information systems for geospatial analysis, and computer center operations.

Government Operations Case Studies: